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I've volunteered to make angelus7988's birthday cake this year, for the joint party his family is throwing for him and a relative who has the same birthday. Since my cake plan was a little ambitious, I decided to try a small-scale trial run ahead of time, to work out all the kinks. Here's what we're looking at...

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I think it turned out pretty well, but tomorrow will be the taste test, which is the most important thing. (And by "tomorrow" I mean later today, because it's 4:30am what's wrong with me why am I still awake and talking about cake of all things goodnight.)

Quest Update

So, despite all indications that yesterday morning may have offered, last night's Quest game seems to have been an unmitigated success. And now I am tired.
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One Single Yesterday - Fic Master Post

Title: One Single Yesterday
Fandom(s): Avengers MCU, Doctor Who
Characters: Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers, the Eleventh Doctor; featuring special guest appearances by Martha Jones, Clint Barton, and Nick Fury
Pairings: Steve/Peggy
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Warnings: Discussion of PTSD, violence, character death, [fic spoilers]not really character death actually, explicit sex (F/M)
Spoilers: MCU spoilers through The Avengers, minor Doctor Who spoilers through The Angels Take Manhattan
Series: Part Two of Only Time; Part one, Another Day Like Today found here: Livejournal | AO3
Word Count: ~21,000
Summary: Presented with an opportunity to travel anywhere in space and time with the Doctor, Steve returns to the 1940s to make his date with Peggy. Though they discover that their fates lie in different centuries, Peggy and Steve are determined to make the most of the opportunity they have been given to be with one another again, for however long their time-traveling adventure may last.
Beta-reader: cygna_hime
Disclaimer: No intellectual property rights were harmed in the making of this work of transformative fiction.
Author's Notes: Written for the scifibigbang, with accompanying fanmix by nessataleweaver

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five

Random Observation

I think I've figured out why I resent sleep so much. It's not just the huge chunk of time out of my day that it eats up; it's the fact that the transition from sleep-muddled lump to functional human being is such a long and arduous climb for me. Waking up sucks. Apparently it sucks enough that I'd rather not have gone to sleep in the first place.
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Quest Game Shenanigans

Saturday's Quest game was an... adventure. An adventure in shit not getting done until the last minute because I was buried in work-that-pays-me-money, and staying up until 6:30am to make tiny chicken pot pies (which were, at least, well-received). It was also an adventure in my car not starting after I had already sent angelus7988 and cygna_hime off to campus in his car, and me with all the food in mine. So a member of staff had to come rescue me and all the food for game, and I sustained a minor injury during the changeover.

More craziness ensued, and then game finally got off the ground. Everyone appeared to have a good time, and while the PCs were fewer in number and power than anticipated, characteristically unpredictable, and occasionally really dumb, they ultimately prevailed. The necromancer was defeated, the Embassy was not blown up, and the treaty with Yamamoto was signed. Huzzah!

Naturally, when I went out a few minutes ago to check on my car, it started up like a dream. Must've been the cold. Or the insuperable perversity of the universe. One of the two.

Meringue Mishaps and Christmas Crazies

A belated but sincere Happy Holidays to everyone... though, I guess it's not entirely belated, as New Year's is just around the corner! Thought I'd share a couple of stories from the past few days for everyone's amusement. The first one is from a couple of days before Christmas, and the second chronicles our Christmas Day shenanigans. Enjoy!

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Weather Patterns

I notice a trend with major storm warnings around here. Last year, when Hurricane Irene was on its way, our household did all the serious storm-preparedness things you're supposed to do -- getting batteries and non-perishable food, filling water bottles for drinking, etc.... And absolutely nothing happened to us. It was maybe a little damp. Then, at the end of last October, the freak blizzard caught us entirely off-guard, no prep, nothing -- and we lost power for five days.

Sure enough, after we took a bunch of precautions, stockpiling water, filling the bathtub for water to flush the toilet, planning how to use up the meat in the freezer if the power went out... nada. I'm not even sure if it rained here.

Of course, the hurricane did screw up the arrival of my laptop. The tracking page tells me that it's sitting in a building somewhere in North Haven. D'you suppose they'd mind if I just drove down there and asked them to give it to me? *sigh*

For everyone who didn't luck out as much as I did with the hurricane, stay safe. (Of course, if you don't have power, I doubt you're reading this right now, but the sentiment holds.)
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So, two things are supposed to arrive tomorrow:

1. This ridiculous fucking hurricane/blizzard/ghastly mess of a weather system that's predicted to obliterate half the East Coast and send us back to the Bronze Age.

2. My new laptop.



I'm getting the impression that the Gods of Catastrophic Climate Change are, for some reason, opposed to my participation in NaNoWriMo. Last year it was the Snowtober/Octoblizzard/stupid-fucking-freak-snowstorm that knocked out our power for five days, including the beginning of NaNo. Now it's this. I am... miffed.

Avengers fic - Another Day Like Today - Chapter 9

Title: Another Day Like Today
Fandom(s): Avengers MCU, Doctor Who
Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Eleventh Doctor, Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Happy Hogan
Pairings: None (references to Steve/Peggy)
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None I can think of
Spoilers: Any and all MCU movies through The Avengers (2012) are fair game, as is anything through Series 6 of NuWho (though there isn't much spoilery of the latter)
Chapters: 9 of 9
Series: Part One of Only Time
Word Count: 1807 of 15185
Summary: Steve and the Doctor return to SHIELD Headquarters to report back to Fury and the rest of the team. Tony has a surprise... and so does the Doctor.
Beta: cygna_hime -- Thank you! <3

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

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